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The Universal Language Radio Show with Special Guest Author Tyauna

Aired Sunday June 21, 2020 

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Beautiful Little Moments Podcast

Author's Corner Tyauna Bruce

Aired March 2020

Tyauna Bruce is an educator, entrepreneur, and learning coach who lives and works in Washington, D.C. who has been craving publication ever since she read If Beale Street Could Talk. Her dream is to make it to the same bookshelf as James Baldwin.

In this episode of the "I Am..." series, da Vinci Parks sits down with entrepreneur/author/poet/snearkerhead 

Tyauna Bruce to discuss her first book, "newly untitled," and the life lived between the pages. 

Over the course of the interview, da Vinci Parks and Tyauna discuss the intersections between hip hop, faith, sneaker culture, trauma, language, and identity for the first-time author. Find where you fit in. 

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Flash/Black Radio "I AM" series

featuring Tyauna Bruce

Aired August 11, 2021