My name is T-y-a-u-n-a pronounced like the Black Disney Princess but spelled like I was born to break the rules of standard English. I've spent most of my life as “Ms. Bruce.” For the first 21 years, it was because I was headstrong and "intimidating"; thereafter, it was because I was those things and a high school English teacher. (Seriously, even my parents call me Ms. Bruce most times...) I'm also a native Washingtonian (D.C.) who shares a neighborhood with Frederick Douglass' home, the famous Big Chair, and creeping gentrification.

I believe in the Oxford comma, active verbs, and powerful one-liners. I live for moments of clarity, energy, and impact - my personal pursuit of happiness. In true writer style, I often over edit, over articulate, and under socialize. I've been craving publication ever since I read If Beale Street Could Talk. My dream is to make it to the same bookshelf as James Baldwin. I have the promise (alphabetically), and I'm working to make it happen (literally...or "literar-ily"...).


In summary, I'm a creative professional whose specialty is to keep the humanity in our daily dealings. I'm SURE I have goods and services to fit your needs!  

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