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Spotify Playlist

newly untitled by Tyauna Bruce 

Published July 2022

Listen Time: 6 Hours 27 Minutes

Ever read a book with a soundtrack?


Well, the music lover in me wouldn't let my lil blue book baby live without music to guide y'all through her. Eighty-three poems; 83 corresponding tracks. Listen to the songs in order as you read!

Tyauna talks to DJ Jimmy Phingaz about her poetry collection, designing it for accessibility, and growth after publication. She also chimes in on the impact of culture on Hip Hop music (and vice versa) and the changing landscape thereof. 

"You can tell when people don't have a soul. [...] The artist is going to be the bridge between the art and the angst...

Image by Sergey Zigle

The Universal Language Radio Show with Special Guest Author Tyauna

Aired Sunday June 21, 2020

Listen Time: 2 hr 19 min (good music included)

Image by Jonathan Velasquez

Beautiful Little Moments Podcast

Author's Corner Tyauna Bruce

Aired March 2020

Listen Time: 36 min 2 sec

Tyauna talks to Tia Mason about teaching, writing, and authorpreneurship. She dives into writing and its value in the world and the process of conceptualizing and creating her first book, newly untitled. 

"If poetry is what's in you, then that's what you do. Period."

In this episode of the “I Am…” series, da Vinci Parks sits down with entrepreneur/author/poet/sneakerhead Tyauna Bruce to discuss her first book, newly untitled, and the life lived between the pages.

Over the course of the interview, da Vinci Parks and Tyauna discuss the intersections between hip hop, faith, sneaker culture, trauma, language, and identity for the first-time author. 

Image by Fringer Cat

Flash/Black Radio "I AM" series

featuring Tyauna Bruce

Aired August 11, 2021

Listen Time: 1 hr 39 min

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