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  • The W.R.i.T. Method ©
    The W.R.i.T. Method © is a four-to-five-session program that helps high school seniors (and juniors) prepare their college application essays for submission. Whether it’s a personal statement or a targeted question, The W.R.i.T. Method © gives students the tools and confidence they need to ensure their contributions stand out among their peers. To participate, students must have a “professional” GMAIL account and have familiarity with Google Tools. A computer or tablet is preferable; a phone may be used in conjunction with one of these tools but not in replacement. Services Outline Consultation to assess need and student preparation Brainstorm and drafting Initial read aloud, feedback, and suggestions. Final Touches Duration With full participation and focus, the essay may be done within one week (five days - five hours of face-to-face work) Price: Pricing starts at $200 for the program *
  • The W.R.i.T. Model ©
    The W.R.i.T. Model © is a customizable teacher-coaching program to help individual secondary (7-12) Humanities teachers or a group of teachers embrace the "human approach" to teaching. The model rests upon a foundation of resonance and connection with content, students, and self. Teachers may participate individually or as a cohort of up to four colleagues. Complete Program Duration: Four Sessions - 1.5 hours each Services Outline The Program - Outline 1 - Motivation and the Secondary Student What is motivating students to work? Grades? Opportunities? Does it matter? In this session, we talk about working with, around, and without student motivation as a factor in teaching what matters. 2 - Storytelling in the Secondary Humanities Classroom Who doesn’t love a good story? In this session, we discuss how to use the power of storytelling to include and inspire students to participate in their education. 3 - F. B. F. © This initialism is part one of the W.R.i.T. Model. 4 - R +R + R = Resonance © This equation is part two of the W.R.i.T. Model. Price: $350 Customizable Services Sessions 1 and 2 are foundational sessions to help participants understand what kind of humanity and humility support the W.R.i.T. Method. They may be taken as individual sessions (refreshers or invigorators). $80 per session per person The W.R.i.T. Model (3 and 4) - cannot be separated from each other, but may be taken together as a mini-program. $175 per session per person
  • Independent Consultation
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