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Image by Daniel Olah


Tyauna Bruce

“She has a way with words…”

I'm a language artist - a creative professional who blooms in the interconnected media of writing and education. (I do some other things, too. Check out my other persona here.) Some of my proudest moments have been helping students seize multifaceted opportunities that only effective, well-crafted language could present. 

Personally, I’m also a “vivrant thing.” I’m a performing poet, eloquent ranter, sneaker lover, and Hip Hop commentator. I enjoy binge-watching documentaries and dramas that make me shout things at the television, and I STILL watch The Simpsons. Audiobooks have changed the reading game for me, but I still love to turn a page whenever I can. My ultimate goal is to make Black literary canon on the shelf next to James Baldwin, Toni Morrison, and bell hooks. (I know it’s lofty, but I’m up for the challenge!)

I’m also an “urea” girl - born in DC, lived in DC while schooled in PG County in the 80s, moved to PG County while schooled in DC (Archbishop Carroll High School) during the golden era of Hip Hop beef and classic bars, and am now a homeowner in both territories. And if you know anything about growing up in “the urea” in the 80s and 90s, you know that’s not bragging. I’m blessed to have what I do and to still have two of the three women alive and well who raised and sacrificed for me to be the slick-mouthed dreamer I still am.


I would love to partner with you to bring your ideas to life, speak on your panels or at your events, or create/deliver a workshop to crowds you want to motivate, inspire, or entertain.

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