Gentrification Jersey
  • Gentrification Jersey

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    Why “Gentrification ain’t gentle…” on a jersey-esque tee? Because it isn’t. While some might be happy about the artisanal pickles and multi-quad expansion of Ben’s Chilli bowl, it ain’t all brunch, hydroponic weed, and a lighter, brighter U Street. It’s being priced out at the expense of all those things and having your culture reported to zoning authorities. It’s modern-day redlining. The jersey signifies knowledge of the game. (just sayin’....)

    Color: Red

    How to Measure

    Width: Measure 1" below armhole and straight across from side to side. 

    Length: Measure from edge collar at shoulder seam to bottom of garment.


    Sizes Width (inches) Length (inches)
    YM 15.5 21.5
    YL 17.5 24
    S 17.5 28
    M 19.5 29
    L 21.5 30.5
    XL 23.5 31.25
    2XL 25.5 32.5

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