SPK Native Tongue Tee
  • SPK Native Tongue Tee

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    Native Washingtonians know three things about the neighborhood carryout. The sweet tea could give you diabetes, when part of your regular diet. The thicker the bulletproof glass, the better the mumbo sauce. And salt, pepper, and ketchup are usually spoken as one-word condiment. #nativetongue


    Color: Black

    How to Measure

    Width: Measure 1" below armhole and straight across from side to side. 

    Length: Measure from edge collar at shoulder seam to bottom of garment.


    Sizes Width (inches) Length (inches)
    YXS 16 20
    YS 17 22
    YM 18 23.5
    YL 19 25
    YXL 20 26.5
    S 18 28
    M 20 29
    L 22 30
    XL 24 31
    2XL 26 32
    3XL 28 33

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