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newly untitled (intentionally lowercase) is a poetry collection of reclamation that reflects on twenty years of the "sticky parts" of life with honesty and sincerity. Though personal, it's an accessible read, exploring culturally collective topics - like abandonment, urban renewal, and spirituality - side-by-side with esoteric matters - like "growing older gracefully" and enjoying Hip Hop as a mirror of the human experience. A contemplative collection, newly untitled is an authentic and intentional slice of Black, urban, feminine life. Conceptualized "walking the fine line between meant to be and meant to be something else," newly untitled is a layered experience of academic, cultural, and personal nuances. It's approachable, (at times) irreverent, and vulnerable - everything you expect from poetry and a few things you don't.

Ever read a book with a soundtrack?

Well, the music lover in me wouldn't let my lil blue book baby live without music to guide y'all through her. Eighty-three (83) poems; eighty-three (83) c
orresponding tracks. Listen to the songs in order as you read!

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Poetry that speaks to you

Bruce's works cover all the facets of life in a woman's life: love, loss, family and growth. Her poems are stark and simple but evoke images that are heartbreakingly real. You read a poem and respond, yes, that's exactly right-that's how it is for me, too; I just don't know how to say it so well. The poems are important because the author casts a courageous eye on all the frailties of humanity.” 



Reviewed in the United States on 06/20/2020

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