W.ords R.ich i.n T.exture

It’s W.ORDS R.ICH i.n T.EXTURE that transform everyday narratives. That’s why I’m here! From services to signature apparel, It's W.R.i.T. seeks to connect people through meaningful messages.


What's in it for you? 

I'm a language artist with a talent for tailoring messages. I value literacy and perspective and enjoy helping people grow, so I offer customized writing, training, and coaching services. If your group or organization needs all of these services, I'm a one-stop shop! I'm also an author available for workshops and speaking engagements. If your desire is to help inspire members of your organization to communicate and relate to each other effectively, creatively, and/or cohesively, I can help.


If you're not sure what your needs are, there's good news! I consult! Let’s dialogue about the level of engagement you seek from your projects, courses, training, etc. I’d love to help you connect to your audience! To contact me for consultation or inquiries, please select the "Contact Bruce" link above and leave me a message. Thanks for stopping by, and I hope to hear from you soon!


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